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Confessions From Religious People Who Gave Up Love For Their Faith
Religion is a funny thing, it brings people together yet at the same time keeps them apart. When the person you love isn't part of your faith, or loving them is against the rules, it can be a painful decision to make. Be with the one you love, and potentially leave behind family and friends and all you've ever known? Or stay with the community you grew up in and stay faithful to how you were raised? It's a personal decision that no one can make but you.

Could you be chaste for the rest of your life?

I'm a gay Catholic man who has decided to follow Church teaching and live a chaste life.

Giving up your faith can mean giving up family and friends as well.

I'm a gay Mormon and it's so hard not to act on my feelings and attraction. But my faith is more important than pleasure.
I just broke up with my boyfriend because he didn't want to be a part of my religion. I want to be married in the temple ever since I was a kid.

It's hard feeling so torn.

parents are pastors so I have to go to church. my parents don't know I'm gay. my crush goes to my church and I feel so guilty checking him out.

It takes a lot of self control to stick to a decision like that.

It's frustrating being bisexual or gay and being Catholic honestly. However, I'm still going to church and  I'm not going to date my same sex. God and Jesus are more important and I will follow them.

That must be a hard secret to keep.

It sucks being a Mormon and having gay feelings towards a fellow Mormon. I love my church and so do they so I won't ever tell them

Old habits die hard.

I'm a gay Jewish guy. My boyfriend still tithes and goes to church and identifies as Mormon.  I hate that he's so committed to that institution.

Not all Christians are anti-gay thankfully.

I am a Christian living in a nice accepting community. The thing is that I'm gay and I don't know how people in my church and family will even react. I just hope I'll find someone who will accept me

Has to be so heartbreaking.

After three years, she chose Mormonism instead of me. 

It's really not fair, what the church does to gay people.

Oh the irony.

Lmao I'm gay and Mormon and whenever I'm at church activities they always seem to talk about how wrong being gay is and I'm just laughing silently in my head

Don't want to "corrupt" the youth with gay agenda!

I'm working in a church that openly states they don't want gay people working with youth. Im out everywhere else, and I'm terrified they're going to find out.

It's a deeply personal choice.

I'm gay, Catholic and follow the Church's teachings on sexuality. This is my decision.

The temptation is real.

I'm gay. ... but I'm a believing,  active mormon. .... 

I want to kiss a guy. .. but I'm scared I wouldn't stop there...
I'm gay mormon, but have chosen not to be in gay relationships... but I really want to kiss a guy... just once.

A hard line to walk...

I'm Mormon. Also gay. Feel so lonely but being in a relationship is so much guilty. Don't know what to do

That's rough.

I've known this guy for years now. We've gone out so many times. I've had a huge crush on him all this time and the night I was going to confess my feelings to him, he came out to me as gay. And he's Mormon so he's keeping it a secret. 😔

Tiring living a lie.

It's hard to be Mormon and gay when I have to sit there and nod when they talk about homosexuality being a sin and lie by them believing I'm their "perfect child."

For many, it is about choosing forever versus sinning in the present moment.

I chose religion because I find comfort in knowing theres is a superior being looking over me, that my loved ones go to a better place when they die as opposed to believing am on my own and that there is no better place for the loved ones i lost

Let him go...

Broke up with my bf for my religion. He said he'd wait for me but he found someone else and said he loves her also

He says he might be losing his feelings for me but still wants to marry me

Gay marriage might be legal but isn't accepted in many churches as real marriage.

I broke up with my ex gf because i cant marry her. Its against my religion. If there is a way, i would have gotten engaged with her now.


"I was a priest in the Mormon church. I had to stop going when I realized I was gay."