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Singles Confess: I've Fallen Victim To 'Breadcrumbing'
If you thought this story was about cooking with crumbs, you are mistaken. 'Breadcrumbing' is among the many awful moves people are making to lure sexual partners and suitors. Just like 'ghosting' it's childish and upsetting for the receiving end. 'Breadcrumbing' is when someone strings you along with just enough hope to keep you around, but expends very little effort back. Their breadcrumb trail, if you will, is just visible enough to leave you hanging and thick enough to make you miserably confused. The confessions will make you even more suspicious of dating, or just look at bread differently. You decide.

Who does that?

My crush told me he liked me and then asked out this girl I hate in front of me. #breadcrumbing

Oh no she didn't.

Been breadcrumbed for the last 8 months. Called an end to it. Found out she's been living with her bf for last 6 months too!

Two can play that game.

This dude thinks he's 'breadcrumbing' me. He's dumb as hell for thinking that's going to work on me. I know what you're doing, I'm doing the same thing to you. Just going to waste his time back.

Hopefully you found something to do instead?

Traveled almost 300 miles to hook up with my ex and he freaking bailed. Totally breadcrumbed me.

Where did all the good ones go?


Dating has become the  Blair Witch 
(But a bit more scary)

So lame.

I just got breadcrumbed by a guy I've been friends with benefits with for two years. He didn't even have the decency to text me back and properly end things.