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16 Moms Share Their Experiences With Being Induced Into Labor
What is it like being induced into labor? While nature usually takes its course when it comes to pregnancy and birth, science has come up with ways to speed along the process if necessary. These 16 moms open up about their raw experiences after labor induction. From extreme pain to longer labor, here's what they went through.

Getting induced just isn't the same.

I feel I was robbed the experience of bringing a child into the world. I was induced early and had an emergency c-section. Didn't experience real labor or any contractions...
But I still love my girl!

Labor induction can be even more painful.

The worst physical pain I've ever experienced was induced childbirth. It hurt worse than going into labor naturally.

The situation can get very dangerous, very quickly.

I almost died when I was pregnant. My kidneys shut down and, after they induced me, I was in labor for 24 hours and started hemorrhaging. Had to have an emergency c-section.

Word to the wise.

Induced labor is wayyyyyy more painful than natural labor. If you can safely wait just wait. Plus purposely having a child early is selfish.

Oh no...

The worst pain ever was the10 hrs of induced labor I went through. The stupid anesthesiologist put the epidural in wrong when I went preeclamptic.


My son was 5 days late. I was supposed to be induced at 8 a.m. and labor started on its own at 4 a.m. This time around, I'm actually getting induced at 39 weeks so I can avoid a c-section.