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17 Cringeworthy Things Couples Do To Annoy Each Other
When you're in a relationship with someone for a long time, after you fall in love with their strengths you begin to notice minor faults that make you cringe. While open communication is key to a healthy relationship, there are some things you are forced to keep for yourself because you know the eventual argument you have because of their faults isn't worth it. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has habits that make you cringe, the best advice is to focus on what about them makes you happy.

When your boyfriend thinks he's smooth.

My boyfriend always says "need a shoulder to cry on I got two" and it makes me cringe SO BAD

Body issues affects both sexes.

I really hate my body, and I cringe every time it's touched or I feel my girlfriend looking at it. <\3

This is why you shouldn't fall in love with someone for their personality.

I'm mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in love with my boyfriend of 2 years and we make an excellent team, but physically I find him unattractive and cringe sometimes when we make out.

Why can't people ever just eat food normally?

I love my girlfriend more than anything, but the way she slurps spaghetti makes me cringe so much...

This doesn't sound like the healthiest relationship.

Sometimes I have sex with my boyfriend just so he will quit bothering me about wanting to have sex.....and I cringe the entire time..

Close your eyes and get through it as quick as possible.

I cringe when I kiss my boyfriend in the morning. His breath is so bad, but I know I won't see him all day.