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Women Reveal How It Really Feels To Be Single And Pregnant
Pregnancy is a hectic yet exciting time for a woman. However, the miracle of life can be overshadowed with personal drama sometimes. For these women, it's their relationship status. For better or for worse, these ladies are carrying a baby without the love and support of a romantic partner in their life. These confessions reveal the tough hardships they face from being single and pregnant. Spoiler alert: it's not just the fathers that are giving them grief.


After announcing my pregnancy at work (while single), one of my male co-workers called me a slut. To my face. That isn't the only comment I've endured, but it was the first.

Fake it until you make it.

I'm pregnant and I wear a fake engagement ring when I leave the house. It's sad, but I want the world to think I live the fake life I wish I actually had.

Not fair.

My mom's disappointed that I'm a single expecting mother.. as if my child's father choosing to leave two months into my pregnancy was my fault. WTF?

With hormones running wild, you need all the support in the world.

Being pregnant and single is the loneliest combo there is.. I wish I had people in my life who loved me

You feel judged.

I feel ashamed being pregnant and single. I know it's nothing I did wrong, but I can't help it.

It can take the fun out of the pregnancy.

Being pregnant and single is so overwhelming. It feels like the world is on my shoulders. I want to enjoy my first pregnancy because I love my baby already, but right now I feel sadness and guilt.