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No One Gives Savage Comments Quite Like Your Family
Our family sure has a way of getting under our skin. Sometimes the slightest things they say can set us off. However, sometimes it's not just our family that pisses us off- it's that they're being downright rude and don't always realize it. These confessions show that sometimes our families get a little too comfortable and hurt our feelings. Read on to see the backhanded compliments these people received from their families.


"You have such a beautiful soul sweetie,  too bad you're so ugly."
…..thanks Grandma


Today my mom told me I would be a great stripper... I'll just take that as a compliment

Not the same at all.

I had a miscarriage and to comfort me my aunt said "I know how you feel, every time I have my period I feel like I've lost a baby"... Thanks aunty 😒

Shots fired.

Me: Picks up carton of ice cream 
"I don't now if I should buy this much ice cream"
My mom:"I know you can finish it"
Thanks mom

So crunchy.

After not seeing my mom for 6 months she said, "wow you look extra pretty! Did you get a nose job?"

My mom knows how to say it...

At least he threw cute in there.

My father tries to compliment me and ends up calling me cute, short and angry