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Don't Have A Thigh Gap? You'd Be Surprised What Guys Think About That
As a woman, I know I've definitely felt insecure about almost every body part I have. I'm not the thinnest girl. So, when I see pictures on the internet, TV, ads...etc. with #thighgap, it can be a little discouraging. We all know we should never compare ourselves to others, but it's hard sometimes. We are each our toughest critic. The thing is, you'd be surprised to know what guys really think about your lack of thigh gap. So, don't be too hard on your self!

Some guys don't like thigh gaps.

Thigh gaps are dumb. Girls should have thick legs

A lot of guys don't even notice thigh gaps.

Dear girls,
We don't care if you have a thigh gap. Half of us don't even pay attention to that.
All Men

They notice other things!

Ladies: guys worry more about the space between your ears than the space between your thighs.
Im a guy. I don't need a thigh gap girl. I need an eater, a reader, a lover. Screw society, just be yourself.

They LOVE confidence.

I want a girl who ain't worried about a thigh gap.
In fact, I like the way you don't give a shit about that.

The might make some weird comparisons.

Thigh gaps are weird. It's like having chicken legs.