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18 Worst Prom Dress Fails Ever
Prom is the biggest night of the year if you're in high school. There's so much prep involved. You have to find a date, book transportation, figure out your before and after plans, and perhaps most importantly, pick what to wear! As a girl, your prom dress can make or break your night. Hours and hours go into finding just the perfect gown. After all, those pictures are going to last forever. Do you have a prom dress horror story?

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Just say it's vintage!

My prom dress ripped so  I had to borrow my moms old dress... I looked like an old lady.

So much for friendship...

My "friend" sabatoged my prom dress because she's worried I'd look better in mine and she didn't want to be upstaged. It's a shame that a beautiful dress won't distract from all that ugly jealousy.


When I showed my prom dress to my brother , One of the first things he said was " you got a lot of body hair "with a gross look on his face πŸ™πŸ˜₯

Uh oh...

My mom paid to have my prom dress made by a tailor. The further the dress came along the less I liked it and now I've gained weight and it barely fits me :/ it's super hard to move in Worried for prom

Careful when getting your dress tailored.

My prom dress got hemmed an inch too short & there is nothing I can do about it.

Sometimes the more you look, the harder it is to decide.

I've been to 12 stores and I still can't find a prom dress. It's really starting to upset me

Some strong words...

I hate my prom dress. It makes me look fat and it looks like it was made by a blind woman


When me and my mom went prom dress shopping her boyfriend just had to come along and when he got bored (in 5mins) she got angry cause he got  bored and rushed me so I got a dress I don't even like
Went prom dress shopping with my mom. Killed me a bit when she didn't look at me the way she looked at other girls who wore something she wanted. Not what I wanted .

Beware of buying dresses online!

My prom dress online looks shorter on the model but in real life on me it reaches the fall and flares out. Hate being small
My current prom dress is ugly. I ordered it online and thats my fault. I dont have the heart to tell my parents I hate it so much and it makes me look fat

Time to hit the gym!

My prom dress won't close anymore. Prom is in 3 weeks πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­


Had a lovely night at prom until my dress ripped right down my backside...


My prom date cancelled after I spent $245 on my dress. He said I wasn't good enough and called me ugly.. wtf
I felt so pretty in my dress for my senior prom.
Until my boyfriend got in a argument with another guy who said 
"At least my girl doesn't look like yours"
I still can't get over it

This is so sad! </3

I tried on a prom dress I know I can't afford and it looked perfect. The employee caught me sobbing in the dressing room...


My period started while I was at prom, in my $300 ivory colored dress 😩😩😩

Awful parenting...

When I bought my prom dress, I knew it was a little tight. I gained some weight, but I've decided to put in a corset back to add a little room. My parents say Im fat and should just lose the weight...

The struggle of being a tall girl...

I'm going prom dress shopping and calling stores asking if they have anything in my size. Yes they do but then I say I'm 6ft2 and I hear a mmmmmhhhhhh. 
Oh great!

Aw oh no!

My dad surprised me by buying me an expensive prom dress. I'm grateful but it's SO ugly and something i would never pick. Wearing it anyway so I don't hurt his feelings...


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