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16 Cafe Employees Share Their Saucy Secrets
As you probably know, working in the food service industry is tough. Dealing with working long hours on their feet, all kinds of demands from customers and lack of compensation can take their toll. However a job is a job and sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make a buck, as these cafe employees show. From annoying customers to unsanitary conditions, here's what they go through on the job.

So gross.

I work at a cafe and I do any job that I possibly can to avoid doing the dishes, I hate touching the wet food in the sink more than anything else

The struggle.

I work at a cafe. I see a really hot girl, I think "dang I'm hella gay", later see a guy who's pretty hot, "damn I'm hella bi". But then a cute couple walks in... both fudgin hot...

What they don't know can't hurt them.

Sadly, pocketing my own tips is against the rules at the cafe I work at. It's a huge issue right now, so I'd get fired if they found out.

You do you.

I work at a cafe and people hate when I serve them with my sleeves rolled up. I don't care, I love my tattoos.

Be nice to people serving you.

I work at a cafe and if a customer is being a dick I charge them more

The butterflies take over.

I work at a cafe and I am crushing on one of my customers. It is very awkward.