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These Confessions Prove That Gay Men Can Find Love In The Most Random Places
The most common places for people to find love these days are either online or at work. However, these gay men prove that you can find love just about anywhere! Their confessions prove that if you're open to finding love, love can find you in the most random places. You just never know what each day will bring you!

Steamy story!

I'm gay. I met my boyfriend in the men's room.

Take is as a compliment that your man is eye candy!

I'm gay and I met my boyfriend at the gym. But now I can't go with him because too many other guys try to flirt and I get upset.

Who knew?

I'm a gay stripper and I met my boyfriend when I was his sister's stripper at her birthday party! Its been exactly 3 years tomorrow! At his sisters 21st I'm asking him to marry me!

Bless social media.

I met my boyfriend on Instagram. His thirst trap pictures got me! Guilty as charged!

Yes, you can be religious and gay!

People think I can't be a Christian because I'm gay. FYII I met my boyfriend AT CHURCH lol

My oh my!

I met my boyfriend at a gay themed anime convention. I was a stage performer (stripper) and he was in the front row.