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23 People Who Saw Signs Directing Their Relationship
Do you believe in signs? Or, just accidents? Coincidences? Fate? It would be great to have confirmation when you're on the fence or unsure about someone. It would even be so helpful to have clues about the fate of the person you're with- whether good or bad. Below, 23 people reveal the signs they saw that led them toward the direction they needed to within their own relationships.

Signs it shouldn't happen:

I was gonna talk to my crush today but then I got sick and I'm at home. kinda thinking it was a sign..

Signs aren't always a fool proof method here...

My fortune cookie told me I would get back with an old love while I was out to lunch with my ex. So I tried. It was wrong

Is there something to dreams?

I had a dream about you last night in which you called me crying saying no one understands you but me and today I saw you walking down the street... I wonder if it's a sign
Last night I dreamt that me and my bf where breaking up.... I wonder if it's a sign
I keep having dreams about this certain person. I don't know whether or not it's a sign from the universe but in each dream we both have feelings for each other but are to afraid to admit it.

It's a pretty great song, but what are the odds?

I'm meeting someone tomorrow, but I heard "don't go chasing waterfalls" twice today.. I'm wondering if it's a sign.