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16 Things Restaurant Hosts Wish Customers Knew
When you work in a restaurant, your job is to please the customer and do your best to accommodate their needs. However, sometimes customers can take things a bit too far and make everyone's job that much harder. These 16 restaurant hosts are opening up about the egregious offenses they've encountered from other customers. Are you guilty of doing any of these things?

Fake laughing gets old.

I'm a hostess at Olive Garden. I hate it when guests try to crack jokes. You're not funny. Ever.

Be reasonable.

I'm a hostess. Sometimes I lie to customers because they ask for unreasonably stupid things that make me life harder

Some courtesy would be nice.

When somebody tosses cash at me to pay, I toss their change at them. I'm a hostess, not a damn stripper.

Don't be THAT person.

I'm a hostess at a restaurant and if you just seat yourself, we will act like you don't exist. See the hostess first.

So not cool to walk in before closing.

I'm a hostess and if you come in 10 minutes before we close I will tell you that we are not serving food anymore.

No cooperation.

I'm a hostess, the people who come in never want to sit where I seat them. My servers always get angry about how they dont get any tables, and I feel really bad, I know they need money.