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Women Tell All: This Is How Early Menopause Ruined My Youth & Affected My Future
Menopause is a stage of life that women dread. The long list of side effects don't invite you with open arms. At least it comes later in life, right? Not for all women. Some women get early menopause as early as their teens and twenties. It's rare, but it happens. These women are living proof that menopause can flip the script and pay you a visit at a much early age. These confessions speak for themselves.

Beyond heartbreaking.

I was diagnosed with menopause at age 30.

The hardest part wasn't the reality of it, it was the people who acted like my life had no purpose if babies weren't part of it.


I've been having hot flashes for the past year, I also lost my period. Turns out I went through menopause at age 19 without even knowing it.

Everyone suffers in different ways.

I've had menopause at age 30 and cancer at age 36. It irritates me when people act like cheating is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Please grow up.

How ironic.

 I always said I wouldn't have kids after 35 and I was accepting that I would never have biological kids. Now,  being 34 and going through early menopause seems like a cruel joke of the gods.

What an intense journey.

I was put through menopause at age 14 until I was almost 16. I'll be having a hysterectomy at age 20. It's hell for me. I'm 17 and still get hot flashes and mood swings. Endometriosis sucks.

Women are warriors.

My hysterectomy has caused early menopause. I am too young for this!!! Grrrr I get sweaty and moody! Being a woman is not for the weak!