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Considering Braces Late In Life? Meet 17 Adults Who Will Tell You If It's Worth It
For many dentally challenged people, braces were something they endured during their younger years of life. Middle school and high school were the prime years that many people dressed their mouths in metal. Although most kids hated having them, they truly are a luxury. Not everyone has access to such care and these adults now have the chance to get braces, and got them. What's it like being a 'brace face' in your adult years? These confessions say it all.


I think I’m ditching all dating until I get my adult braces off. Maybe at the end I won’t be solely approached by losers who see me as a low self-esteem target for abuse.


I have braces as an adult, yet people still feel the need to tell me I 'must wear my retainers.'
Yeah, thanks. I'm an adult and paid out the ass for this smile, I know I need to wear them.

Not everyday can be a fashion show.

Bad hair and adult braces: I'm having an Ugly Betty moment

Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Had braces fitted last week to make my teeth perfectly straight. I can’t believe how much I’ve paid for them as an adult when I could’ve just had them for free as a kid.

That's no way to live.

So embarrassed about my adult braces that I've avoided contact with friends :(

Quite the visual.

I miss gum. I have adult braces & haven't had any in 2 yrs. I know many ignore the rule, but all I have in the back of my head is memories from school of kids with braces chewing gum & looking like cows gnawing on cud.