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Confessions From Job Seekers Dealing With Long-Term Unemployment
What is it like being unemployed for a long period of time? Sometimes unemployment is unavoidable and even needed. While a break from the working world may be nice, not many people expect to be out of a job for a long period of time.This is especially true when you're putting in the work to find a new job, as these 19 people show. Follow along as these job seekers lament their struggles with long-term unemployment. From relatable fears to individual frustrations, find out what they had to say in these confessions.

Not helping.

When people say, you'll get a job soon I get mad. I've been unemployed for 8 months, I am way past soon...

So much for that.

I quit my job 2 years ago thinking I could find a better job... I've been unemployed ever since and can't find a job to save my life.

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?

30. Live w/ my parents. No car. Unemployed for 2+ years. On probation. Being sued by a debt collector. Stuck in an off & on abusive relationship. When's the part where it supposedly "gets better"?! 😔

Word to the wise.

I've been unemployed for 3 years. Get a job as fast as you can because it will not get easier.

You never know what could happen.

I've been unemployed, nearly homeless & addicted to heroin & meth the past 2 years after the worst breakup of my life.
Tomorrow I start a great new job, I'm sober & I'm finally hopeful for my future.

You get comfortable.

I've been unemployed for one year and I miss working, but I think I've become lazy over the past year. I have no drive at all to work. This is so sad.