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These Scandalous Fake ID Confessions Will Leave You Shocked
For those who just can't wait to indulge in certain activities before they are legally allowed to, fake ID's exist and can help you achieve your underaged dreams. With that being said, some work better than others. Your new piece of plastic will either result in a crazy fun time or a crazy fail. These confessions will show you the many ways it can go when you have a fake ID.


I got my fake ID taken away because "Delaware" was spelled wrong. The sad part is, I had no idea until that moment.


My cousin got her daughter a fake ID to go out drinking with them. Her daughter got busted and is now banned from a theme park in Orlando. Holy bad parenting.

Uh oh.

I got arrested for having a fake id and I tried to run. When that didn't work I bit the cop... not one of my better nights.

Little did they know...

I babysat for my regular family today and they gave me more money than usual because, "I have been such a good role model." They don't know they just funded my fake ID

So lucky!

I walk on the school bus this morning and my bus driver hands me my fake ID, and doesn't say a word about it 


I was at a club (with a fake ID) and spotted my female english teacher pole dancing... I never looked at her the same after that.