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"My Family Was Cool About Me Being Gay, But Not About Dating Black Guys."
19 Interracial Relationships Standing Up For Love

I'm gay and I'm dating a black guy. My father would kill me if he knew but I feel like I love this boy. I live in jasper
I'm black my bf is italian/puerto Rican. Then again, interracial dating when you're gay is kinda expected so know one makes a fuss about it.
Yeah idk my dad knows that I'm gay and was all right with me dating but when I told him that I was dating someone black oml he was acting like if he lost a part of himself and made me breakup with him
I know the feeling from the opposite side,  my bf is black and his parents hate me, I'm Spanish/ irish  but apparently I look to white for them, gay here too
I'm a white girl dating a black girl.
My mom would kill me twice if she knew. 
Once for being gay. 
Twice for dating a black girl.
I'm so happy with my life why can't see be happy for me?
I understand what you're going through. My boyfriend's dad not only doesn't accept his son being gay, but he completely hates that he's dating a black guy (aka me)
Im hispanic gay and dating a black guy at private catholic school ,stereotypes everywhere
I'm white & my bestie is black When I'm in public some ppl give us dirty looks bc they think  we're dating so we always give them a show. It's funny bc he's super gay.
My parents said they'll accept me if I'm gay but not if I date anyone who's not white. 

I'm a lesbian and dating a black girl.
So I think my family is finally cool with the whole me being gay thing.

But they now seem to have a problem with me dating black guys. #smh Asian here.
My Hispanic family had no problem that my brother was gay . Until they found out he was dating a black guy
I'm interaccial dating (he's black I'm white) and it feels like my family disowns me for dating him... But idgaf! Love is love. Gay or straight. Black or white. Doesn't matter to me #donthate
I'm gay, black AND have a white italian bf. Can't say I ideally was interested but you know what? He treats me well, is smart and loves me....and the sex is legendary. Shit I'm putting a ring on it.
It shocks me how my boyfriend and I are still judged by people for being in an interracial relationship, it's 2015!!
My mom said she has nothing against gay/interracial marriage, she just "doesn't want her kids to be in that situation" to bad my brother is both gay and has a Hispanic boyfriend (she doesn't know)
We are a gay couple. We are an interracial couple. People had bashed us and that kept us stronger
I'm not being silly. Where I am, it's hard for a black gay or Bi male to be in a interracial relationship. Don't assume it's easy hun...
I know! I was holding my friends hand because mine were warm and hers were freezing and we looked like a gay interracial couple and fucking hell, people were glaring from their cars!
My dad said he would disown me if I was gay like 5 years ago. I came out. He didn't do shit. He threatened to disown me for interracial a few times and idk if he's bluffing.
My friend is in a gay, interracial relationship. I've been out with them before, the looks they got made me so sad.


"I Prefer Interracial Dating. I Don't Hate My Race, But I Like What I Like"