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20 Most Surprising Ways People Met Their Besties
Online, in the hospital, in a basement?!

My best friend and I met because we simultaneously vomited on each other's shoes at a party. 

5 years later and still going strong!
Some drunk guy got to close to me at a party and a stranger came up to me pretending to be my boyfriend and punched the drunk across the face. That is how I met my best friend.
He tried taking a fry from my tray. I instinctively stabbed at his hand with a fork.
That's how I met my best friend.
I (16m) love the band twenty one pilots and this girl was wearing their shirt so I said "I love your shirt". She replied back with "I think I love you" and that's how I met my best friend
12 years ago I met my best friend. Recently I met them again on whisper. We had no idea who the other was and became friend's all over again.
I met my best friend of 7 years because the teacher put us together in hopes I'd get her to shut up
I met my best friend because I drew a bunch of Doctor Who stuff on a white board and she saw it and we started leaving messages back and forth
I met my best friend in dark basement... I was peeing in the corner, she was hiding from the cops.
I met my best friend in a dream years before we met in real life. He also dreamt of me. His gf saw him draw sketches of me before we knew each other existed
People don't realize how happy an extremely shy person is when someone talks to them even if it's random. Becuase of that I met my best friend. Even though I was so quiet, she kept talking to me.


"I Loved The USA Before I Visited. Now You Couldn't Pay Me To Live There"