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These Nannies Share Their Brutally Honest Feelings Towards Parents
As a nanny, you see the sides of a family that most people wouldn't see. While it's your duty to remain professional on the job, that doesn't mean that you don't have an opinion on the family you're watching over. These nannies reveal their brutally honest confessions about the parents whose kids they care for. They aren't holding anything back in these shocking confessions.

Some parents are the worst.

I'm a nanny who loves the kid, but LOATHES the parents. Trying to find a new job. Can't deal with the attitudes anymore.

No kidding.

I'm a nanny. The parents fight all the time. I'm glad she has me so there's some stability

At least there's that.

I'm a nanny for the worst parents I've ever met. 

But the holiday pay is amazing. Especially since I have them for weeks on end.

Not cool.

If there is one thing I hate, it's parents that undermine me..... 
I'm a nanny.

Simple as that.

I'm a nanny.
And I'm a better "parent figure" to these kids than their parents ever are.


I'm a nanny for a high functioning autistic kid. He's getting worse, and I'm really starting to hate him. The parents told me I wouldn't even notice the autism. They lied.