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The Surprising Reason Why These Women Miss Being Pregnant
When it comes to pregnancy, women either love it or hate it. The experience varies depending on the individual, but there's no doubt that all of the discomfort is worth it when you hold your bundle of joy in your arms. While you'd think most women would feel relieved to no longer be pregnant after birth, these women say otherwise. Here are the surprising reasons why they wish they were still pregnant.

Pregnancy is a special time for women.

I miss the feeling of being pregnant.

I felt so empowered to be growing a baby. 

I never once scoffed when my husband complimented me.

Sweet moments you shared with your partner.

When my bf was kissing my stomach it brought me back to when I was pregnant. Moments like that make me wish I was pregnant again.

There's comfort in knowing your baby is always with you.

I miss holding my bump. I don't know why... maybe it was me cradling her before she was born. I miss being pregnant.

The attention was nice.

My secret? I loved being pregnant. I didn't always get ignored and I didn't always feel alone. People treated me better and acted like I existed. I wish I was pregnant again already.

So sad...

I kinda wish I was pregnant again. I had a taste of the experience and lost the baby. I feel cheated.

You appreciate your pregnancy a lot more.

I feel so bad that I was only happy for 2 months out of my entire pregnancy. I almost wish I was pregnant again so I'd have the chance to be happy from start to finish..