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"As A Substitute Teacher My Livelihood Depends On The Misfortune Of Others"
When you're a kid in school, there's almost no better news than hearing your teacher is out sick. That means you get a substitute who comes in... and they don't know the classroom rules. Students always mess with substitute teachers because they can. Who cares if they get into trouble? They won't see these fill-in teachers again anytime soon. When the teachers are away, the students will play. Big time. But how do these substitute teachers feel about all of this? Read on to find out...

They are temporary, but should not be neglected.

As a substitute teacher I have a hard enough time getting respect from students, I don't need the struggle of disrespect from teachers as well.

It's true. The students are meaner to substitutes.

I'm a substitute teacher! 

Your kids are all jerks!

I don't get paid nearly enough!

Teacher life hack.

I'm a substitute teacher. Whenever I'm assigned to the high school, I make sure to wear heels so I'm not mistaken for a student.

This is too sweet.

I love being a substitute teacher. I get hugs every time I walk into the elementary school. I'm glad I make a difference to some of the kids.
A student offered to beat someone up for me because he thinks I'm cool. I'm a substitute teacher.

That is a depressing way to put it but...

As a substitute teacher my livelihood depends on the misfortune of others

Sometimes you lose, but sometimes you win big.

I'm a substitute teacher. The person I subbed for today is hated by her students.

They loved me.
I love my job as a Substitute teacher and I know that there will be some students who think they will make my experience miserable.
They just help me get better at my job.

Good point. Kids are ruthless.

I'm a substitute teacher right now, my last name is kind of difficult to pronounce but I go with it anyway, because 'Mrs. O' is just asking to be made fun of.
I'm a substitute teacher and I have been doing a long-term assignment. I hate the students.

OMG! So embarrassing.

I'm a substitute teacher and today I taught a student that I matched with on tinder... I definitely did not know this kid was still in high school. Let's just say I no longer have tinder

This echoes how regular teachers feel as well.

Kids act so entitled. It drives me nuts. As a substitute teacher and parent, I really wish "parents" would take the time and actually be a parent to their child.
I'm a substitute teacher for 4 and 5 year olds and I get really happy when they miss me. I want to take some of them home with me. I love all my sites and the children regardless of the pay
I'm a substitute teacher. I see a lot of bullies and it angers me.

Would love more stories about this.

Being a substitute teacher is fun 😂 Kids need to learn to hide things better 😂
I have two degrees and the only job I can get is as a substitute teacher. I hate teaching and the economy

Maybe it's time for a new job...

I'm a substitute teacher. I always have an excuse why I can't go to work!
I'm a substitute teacher. I love kids, but I'm not sure a career in education is for me. I don't even wanna go to work anymore, cuz I know I don't belong.
I get "paid to just sit there" as a substitute teacher but I hate it...I didn't get straight A's in college to do nothing. It's made me not want to be a teacher anymore.

OK, even the substitutes get up to some mischief.

Self control:
Being a substitute teacher and secretly watching BuzzFeed videos while your students take a test, and not laugh


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