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Travelers Reveal The Embarrassing Things TSA Found In Their Carry Ons
When it comes to traveling with a carry on, there's always a chance the TSA will get a closer look at what's inside your bag. This clearly is easy to forget, as these travelers have shown. Their bags were searched during the worst time as they were carrying on some TMI items. If you're into embarrassing stories, these confessions are for you. Read on to see what TSA pulled out of these bags before a flight. Spoiler alert: it wasn't headphones and a magazine.

My oh my.

The TSA had to search my bag. It was filled with lingerie, heels and dresses. I'm a dude.

So rude!

I had cat ears, fishnet stockings and my butt plug in my carry on. My boyfriend and I were long distance at the time. TSA actually asked if I was a prostitute.I was redder than a tomato. So uncool.

Sounds about right.

I packed a bunch of blood stained underwear because I knew I was going to start my period & never want to use my nicer ones. TSA saw it when they searched my bag. He looked so grossed out.

Classic mix up.

I put powdered dry shampoo in a baby powder bottle... they thought it was cocaine and went nuts at TSA.


Had to empty my bag because I couldn't take my toiletries that weighed over 600mls. They emptied my bag and out fell ALL my lingerie. UGH.

TMI for the TSA.

TSA found butt plugs in my bag when they searched it. My kinky weekend was revealed to everyone in line!