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RIP To All The Things Forever Ruined Because Of An Ex
When you're in a relationship with someone, there are special moments you share with the person that stay with you long after. While you're with that person that's great but, after breaking up, it can become a nuisance. From songs to movies, these 23 people reveal the things they can no longer enjoy because they're sore reminders of their past relationships. While we've all been there, it doesn't make it any easier.

my ex ruined me, because of his "larger than normal" penis, I now feel I can't be satisfied by just any guy

Reality is very different.

I think my ex ruined romance for me, I used to love watching romance films and reading books with a romantic storyline. But now I just cringe.
Just cried during a sex scene because all I could see was my ex boyfriend, he fucking ruined movies with sex in them, what else is left?

No one matches up.

My ex ruined all other women for me... Lol.... Nothing compares to her!!!

Avoid music at all cost.

You know how many songs my ex ruined for me?!? All the good ones

How terrible.

My ex ruined relationships for me by cheating. My current boyfriend is the most amazing and supportive man I could ever ask for and I’m scared to fully trust