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"I Can't Stop This Feeling Of Wanting, Almost Needing, To Cut My Legs Off"
Apotemnophilia, or Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), is a neurological disorder that creates a strong desire to amputate a limb or need to become blind, deaf, or paralyzed.

It's a feeling that just won't go away.

I can't stop this feeling of wanting almost needing to cut my legs off

I have apotemnophilia.

BIID can make you feel isolated.

I have Body Integrity Identity Disorder 
I feel all alone 
I want my legs gone 
I want a wheelchair 
I feel like a freak
So...I think I have BIID
Body Integrity Identity Disorder...but I dont want to use it as an excuse for feeling the way I do about myself..

BIID can overtake your life.

It's been like two months since I last self harmed... I want to cut my arm off.
My sister has a rare condition called apotemnophilia, and today, I learned she cut her leg off. She is in one of the best psych hospitals, but refuses help..she is going to die soon,&I can't help her