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21 Steamy Hook Ups Between Students And RAs
There's nothing like taking in the full college experience by living in the dorms. Being around likeminded students is great for building friendships and creating unforgettable experiences, but sometimes those close quarters can lead to some scandalous encounters between students. Follow along as these 21 students and RAs share their steamy hook up experiences. Here's how it all went down.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm in college and I had sex with my RA to avoid getting written up

Ready for round two.

I hooked up with a RA on another floor. I want to do it again so badly.


I'm an RA at my school. I met a girl while smoking and we hooked up. 2 hours later I see her hanging around in my hall. Turns out she  is dating one of my residents. Visiting him from California. Oops

It's not all good.

I hooked up with my RA and it was pretty bad sex. 😬😂


I had sex with my RA in college. It was like a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. Little did I know that he was a virgin and would become EXTREMELY attached to me. To this day I feel guilty.

Hopefully no one finds out...

I'm an RA and hooked up with a resident of mine. Excited for the future, scared for my job.