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Doing It In The Butt Doesn't Always Go Well, According To These Confessions
Life is too short to not experiment. After all, you only live once. This particularly applies to the bedroom for some people. Despite its taboo nature, anal sex is on the menu for some couples. However, due to the territory of this sexual play it can get messy in more ways than one. Sometimes backdoor fun turns into a closed door because of how bad it turns out! These cautionary tales explain exactly what went wrong when these couples dabbled in butt sex.


Been w/ my husband since age 16. Years ago I took E and we tried anal, but I had acid diarrhea from the E. It burnt his penis, it was scabby/raw. We never did anal again, that was 8 years ago!

Not so fresh produce.

I was hooking up with a chick and we tried anal. When I pulled out there was a bit of sweet corn on the end of my junk!!! It was fun until then! Now I don't think I want to try that with another girl again!


My first anal experience I split my foreskin from going in too quickly with not enough lube. Let this be a cautionary tale, kids!

At least you were able to laugh about it?

I wanted to try anal with this chick I was seeing, and when I pulled out she farted on my penis.  I was grossed out but couldn't stop laughing as she turned beet red and hid her face under her pillow


My ex and I tried anal and we both loved it. However, what killed it was she said that it was enjoyable due to my small size....yeah that kinda killed the mood. It also killed our relationship.

Oh no!!!!

One time my ex and I were doing anal and as soon as he pulled out a little turd fell onto his bed. I could have died.