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WTF Confessions From Home Depot Employees
Home Depot is the go-to place for your hardware needs with knowledgable employees who are always happy to help. However, what is it like actually working for the retail giant? These 21 employees are dishing all of the dirt about their job at the hardware store. From shocking customer stories to behind-the-scenes action, here's what you don't see at Home Depot.

No big deal.

I work at Home Depot.  There was a dying rat in garden.  The men screamed. I picked him up and took him out back.


People will try to steal anything from Home Depot. One time I caught this old lady taking carpets and when I stopped her she threatened me saying she was going to Lowe's.

You appreciate the little things.

I work at Home Depot, and at least a few times a day I'll help a woman out who is married. 9 times out of 10 we flirt a little and I get a wink. It's the little things that get you through the day.

It's hard work.

I think working nights is starting to take its toll. 
I thought a bag of giant wood chunks was a sack of potatoes. 
I work at The Home Depot. We don't sell potatoes...

So true.

I work at Home Depot. One time I helped an old man find some light bulbs and he tried to give me a bunch of hard candy after. Why do old people always have a pocket full of candy?


I work at Home Depot and this old lady asked me if I knew where the hoes were at and busted up laughing... Priceless.