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Wives Tell All: My Husband Hurts My Feelings When He--
19 Women Confess Their Biggest Complaints About Married Life

My husband likes pictures of other women on social media even though I told him it hurts my feelings. I feel like I’m worthy of respect from my spouse.
Im pretty sure my husband has this app and uses it to say all of the things he doesnt want to admit. He hurts my feelings alot then clings to when I say something the wrong way. Hes so distant.
My husband blames me for things I can't help and I hate it. It makes me feel worthless.. I love him but when he rants, he hurts my feelings.
My husband knows how much he hurts my feelings with the things he says but would rather fall asleep than repair the heartbreak I'm dealing with 💔 i'm just wondering why I stay.
I hate how my husband “apologizes” he always says something like “I’m sorry you didn’t get the joke” like he doesn’t care if he hurts my feelings  😒
My husband had never bought me flowers. It really hurts my feelings.