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These Lawyers Don't Always Live Their Lives According To The Law...
When hiring a lawyer, you can only hope that they aren't shady when off the job. After all, you are relying on their legal support and hope they live their lives according to the law. However, these confessions show that some lawyers are super naughty despite their titles. Read on to see the scandalous things that some lawyers are up to.

What a morbid thought!

Sometimes I get drunk and drive my Mustang around the neighborhood. I often wonder how hard or easy it would be to get out of crashing into someone's home. I'm a lawyer and so is my dad.


I'm a lawyer and I have a fake degree, but my firm doesn't know that.

The cycle continues.

I'm a lawyer, and when my clients can't pay for their lawsuits, I sue them as well.

Old habits die hard.

I worked at a legal brothel in Nevada. Now I'm a lawyer and I still kind of miss my old life

No one is perfect.

I'm a lawyer who can't do public speaking. I feel weak and ashamed when I'm around those tiptop colleagues #itskillingme

The world is smaller than you think.

I'm an attorney.
I just met my newest client's family today.
I'm pretty sure my client's brother gave me head in the back of his car last night.