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17 Grudges Against An Ex That People Just Can't Let Go Of
Just because a relationship has ended doesn't mean it's out of your mind. As much as you may try to forgive and forget when it comes to your exes, there are some things that you just can't move past. These 17 people openly admit that they're still holding a grudge when it comes to their ex. From things they did during the relationship to things they did after, find out why moving on is harder than you think.

Don't mess.

I'm not one for holding grudges, but my ex sold my PS3 and I will hold that grudge until the day I die. You don't come between a woman and her videogames!


I still hold a grudge about my ex claiming rape (and still does) when she was caught cheating. (Her written confession was found, so there is zero doubt her claims are fake)


I was chopping lettuce today at work and was imagining my ex husband's head. I'm still holding a grudge 😂😂


I still can't forgive my ex. I'm happily married now but I still think about the way he treated me so unfairly. Makes hubby wonder if I still have feelings for him. I do: I hate him

Music just isn't the same.

I still hold a grudge against my ex for taking those songs away from me. 

I can't listen to or play them anymore. And I'll never forgive her for that.


I'll never forgive my ex for making me relate to Taylor Swift songs.