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This Is What It's Like To Get Hit On By A Cop
We are told at a young age that the police are here to protect us. They aim to keep our communities safe, and by doing so are considered very powerful people. Certain people report that police officers have made romantic passes at them while they are on the job. It can be a jarring experience, because very few people wake up in the morning expecting to flirt with a cop.

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Getting hit on by a police officer usually comes out of left field

Today a cop asked for my number... I don't know how to feel about it lol

Some cops have no concept of age gap


Got pulled over and the cop hit on me. I'm 18 and hes 30 😑😑
I had a cop hit on me when I was 15. "Are you sure you're 15?! I'd buy you a drink  if I saw at a bar" I'm aware of my age He kept persisting Till my mom said i was 15 Didn't know he was hitting on me

Cops are people with an elevated amount of power. This power can be intimidating, making it difficult to handle these types of situations

A cop asked for my number today. Out of respect, I gave it to him.

Some take it as flattery

I'm a security guard and the other day, a cop hit on me lol he left me with "I remember pretty faces". Made me feel nice :) 20f

Sounds like a sweet deal!

I got hit on by a cop today, he offered to drive me home and buy me dinner

It can be a confusing situation

I had a cop hit on me this morning at work but told him i wasn't interested even though I was.. hardest thing I've ever done lol.
I got hit on by a cop. It was weird. I was afraid he would give me a ticket or something. So I just went along with it.
I got hit on by a cop today and flirted back because I was scared he'd give me a ticket if I didn't.
so, this cop hit on me while I was working tonight. I was too chicken to give him my number.
I think a hot cop hit on me at work today. I wish I would've been quick enough to even think of asking for his number.

Some police officers have no shame, even on the job

OMG! A cop asked for my number today in the train... Idk, it's not right because he was working👮👮👮

It can be a huge confidence booster

After a cop hit on me today, my confidence sky rocketed and I finally realized that I deserve a relationship.

It's even trickier when you are about to do something illegal

Just got hit on by a cop at work.. If he only knew that i was about to get off work and smoke a fatty...
I would get hit on by a cop as I pumped gas while extremely high.


Getting hit on by a cop this morning totally made my day. If only I wouldn't have to do something illegal to see him again... lol

Yes. Yes you did.

Okay so I got a little high & wanted Taco Bell so I go & a sherif pulls in right in front of me & he kept looking @ me and staring. well when I get up to the window the girl told me he paid for it!
Did I just get hit on by a cop?

And they walked away with a clean record

Just got pulled over for speeding but cop said I was too pretty for a ticket! Ill take it!

Any day without a ticket is a great day

Got pulled over this morning by a female cop, said I was handsome, gave me her number and drive off... Let me
Off with a warning for running a stop sign.. Good day so far


"I Arrested My Sister's Boyfriend For Selling Drugs. Now My Family Is Mad."