I ran out of deodorant & used my girlfriend's. I don't think I'll ever go back. It lasts all day & my pits smell great. 
- guy who sweats a lot
I just tried sitting down and peeing cause I'm a guy and I never have and it's so comfortable. It makes you wanna shit
I'm a guy and just tried shaving a part of my leg. It's so smooth, I love it 😝
I saw Frozen.... and I liked it. Yes, I'm a guy. There! Happy?
I'm a guy, on Halloween I wore my wife's business suit, heels and did my hair and makeup like her. At the party guys hit on me a lot. I really liked it.
I'm a guy and wear makeup, and gentlemen, it's fucking awesome. Don't like your forehead? Conture that bitch, bad skin? Foundation mother trucker. Tired? Concealer my dudes.