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19 Surprising Things People Don't Allow Their Significant Other To Do
Is it healthy for a partner to tell you that you absolutely can't do something? While there are some things you'd rather your boyfriend or girlfriend didn't do, saying he or she can't do something can raise up some red flags. These 19 people open up about the host of things that their significant other won't allow them to take part in. From maintaining friendships to controlling the clothes on their backs, are these restrictions normal or signs of an unhealthy relationship? You be the judge.

No unwanted attention.

My boyfriend doesn't let me post photos of myself on social media and wants me to dress conservatively. I hate it but I love him.

The jealousy is real.

My boyfriend doesn't let me wear makeup because he thinks I'm getting ready to go out and cheat on him.

Not okay...

My girlfriend is abusive. She doesn't let me have friends and rarely let's me see my family. Whenever I disobey she isn't afraid to hit me (she has even broken my nose before).

They're always keeping tabs.

My girlfriend is a psycho... She doesn't let me hang out with my friends or do anything unless I video call her every 5 minutes.


My boyfriend doesn't let me shave so it makes me unattractive or undesirable to others. He has his insecurities but I love him.

Emotions make us human.

My boyfriend doesn't let me cry around him because apparently I'm only crying because I'm feeling sorry for myself. I have bad depression. I always hold in my tears. I can't do it anymore.