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She's Pregnant, But Her Husband Is Not The Father
When you're a married woman, people naturally assume that if you are pregnant, it's your husbands baby. Real life however can be a lot more complicated than that. You'll be shocked to learn how these married woman wound up pregnant with someone else's baby.

Doesn't sound easy...

I am pregnant. my husband is not the father. I am terrified of what is in store for everyone involved in this mess.


My husband is not the father of my daughter, but is more of a father then her biological father ever will be.

Ciao :/

I'm married and pregnant. Pretty sure husband is not the father 😖 at least they are both Italian 😞


After years of trying I finally got pregnant. 

My husband is not the father.
My husband is not the father of my daughter. I find I am having a VERY hard time with his parenting methods. I feel myself resenting him for it.

Technically, they have the same DNA if they are identical.

Im pregnant but the baby is not my husbands it is his identical twin brothers... and i feel like i should tell them