Don't make assumptions based on stereotypes.

I'm a wealthy teen. 
When waiters treat me well they get a nice tip. I hate when waiters assume teenagers don't tip and immediately treat us like garbage.

Don't get any ideas.

I hate when waiters or waitresses talk to much to me..... Then again it's the same with everyone.

Everyone has their thing.

I have gotten at least ten waiters fired in my life on purpose. I hate when they give me ugly people to wait on me.

Ask before you do anything.

Ugh I hate when waiters refill my coffee when it's only half way without asking, now you ruined my perfect sugar and creamer ratio. Chill, I'll ask for more when I'm ready!


I hate when waiters flirt with you to get a better tip.... If I were interested I would leave my number not my money...

Customers pay for service not attitude.

I hate when waiters are rude