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True Life: I'm A Registered Sex Offender
Sex offender is a title that stays with someone for life. There are people who commit heinous crimes deserving of this title, but are all sex offenders the same? Here are 21 startling confessions from registered sex offenders. And they're quite shocking.

When people hear sex offender, people have strong opinions. But is there more to the story?

I'm a registered sex offender. Because I played house when I was 12. It has ruined many parts of my life. Having this title..people thinking I'm some sort of sick monster without even really knowing😞

Are all sex offenders the same?

I'm a sex offender, why? 
Because I was caught having sex on a beach 😭
Don't label every sex offender the same! You don't know half the story! You just assume it's to do with kids.

Is it always black and white?

I have been registered as a sex offender 3 times under 3 different identities. I didn't commit any of the crimes I was accused with.
I let my ex BF use my computer, he downloaded CP and now I had to register as a sex offender

Or are there "dumb" reasons?

I'm a sex offender for the dumbest reason ever 😭

Like lying.

I'm a sex offender because the girl lied about her age.