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21 Surprising Experiences With Teaching English Abroad
Who wouldn't want to have the chance at traveling to a foreign country and getting paid to do it? No, it's not a scam or some pipe dream. There are many individuals who attain this goal by teaching English abroad, as these 21 people show. Follow along as they share real-life experiences as an English teacher in Asia, Latin America and even Europe. Here's what they had to say.

You do you.

I'm teaching english in Spain. Some people criticize my decision but after 4 years of unhappiness in college, I need to be happy again.

Why not delay reality?

I got a job teaching English abroad so I can escape facing real life for a bit longer. I'm 23 and still not ready to grow up.

You develop a close relationship with your students.

I'm an English teacher in a foreign country and I have a private student who I get on really well with!
Unfortunately he has a girlfriend but I really really like him.
PS I'm 29 and he's in his 30s


I'm an English teacher abroad and one of my students told me I was his favorite "teeshirt" lol

LDRs aren't easy to maintain.

My boyfriend just broke up with me because I got a job teaching English in China. I love him so much I almost don't want to take the great opportunity..

Getting there is a hurdle.

I will start teaching English in China in November but have no idea how I can raise $3000 before then...