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15 Valet Workers Reveal What They're Really Doing With Your Car
Instead of self park, you decide to take your car through valet as a matter of convenience. The horror stories about valet workers taking cars on joy rides or leaving cars with dents crosses your mind, but you figure those can't be true. This is their job, they wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it right? So you take a chance and hand over the keys. On the walk to your destination you start to wonder... Did you make a choice you'd regret?

Ever wonder what valet does with your car?

I'm a valet attendant and I will judge you based on how much gas is in your car not on the type
I'm a valet and I still feel better driving my personal car  then any other car
I work at a valet distribution center, and every time a business calls and asks for a white valet guy,  I purposefully send a black one.
I work valet and I've always wanted to do it in a random guests car for no reason whatsoever

They're judging your car.

As a valet my least favorite car company is Toyota.
I'm a valet guy at a busy bus station during the winter. I judge people by what they drive. Not by cost, but by brand. I hate Prius'