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An Inside Look At Life As A Winery Employee
Whether you're with your love or a group of friends at a winery, when wine's in the picture, it usually makes for a good time. However, what is it like behind the scenes for the people working there? These 17 winery employees open up about what it's like on the job. From snobby customers to instant perks, find out what they had to say in these eye-opening confessions.

Nice try, but no.

The first thing people say when they find out I work at a winery is, "do you think you can get me a bottle?".


I work at a winery stomping grapes with my bare feet for tours.

My feet always stink before I squish the grapes lol

What happens after-hours is a little scary.

I'm a security guard at a winery and it gets creepy after dark. Like, I'm not superstitious or anything, but there's some weird stuff out here. I'm pretty sure this place is haunted by a little girl.

Nothing worse.

I work at a winery. I have to deal with the snobbiest wannabe connoisseurs.
So when I get rude customers and they ask about a certain wine I'll recommend the worst or most expensive one. 😈


I checked in on my Facebook that I was at another business that sells wine. My bosses at the winery I work at saw it and are upset about it.


Wine gives me heartburn.... I work at a winery :/