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"I became an escort to get out of debt. It worked."
The Hustle Was Real For These 19 Debt-Free People

I used to be a plus sized cam girl and despite of society judging me I don't regret it. It paid my career, took me out of student debt, and allowed me to start my online business.
Someone just deposited $470 into my bank account- exactly the amount needed to get me out of debt. I have no idea who it was, and the bank can't tell me either. It's my first Christmas miracle!
My uncle just surprised me by paying off my student loan debt. I might cry by the time I come out of shock.
No one takes me serious when I tell them I am going to become a stripper in order to stay out of college debt
My tax return this year is huge. Big enough for me to pay off one of my credit cards. My new years resolution was to get out of debt... Look like I'll finally be keeping a resolution for once.
I'm about to start dating someone just so he'll bail me out of debt.