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From Gay To Straight: I'm No Longer A Lesbian Because--
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So. I used to be a lesbian, or I thought I was when I was younger. I am now straight, and I don't have any attraction to females at all...My point is, it can be a Phase. I think it is Mental.

I used to be a lesbian until I realized I was actually bisexual. 

I've slept with four guys in as many months on repeat occasions. It feels great.
My new fiancée doesn't know that I used to be a lesbian and then I got my gender change operation. I am going to tell her tonight.
I used to be a lesbian, then I turned my life to God. But I can't seem to shake these feelings for my ex girlfriend.
My secret? Im 19f, not a virgin, only had sex with one person, used to be a lesbian, now im straight. I read to escape the bullshit, i dont send pics. Im not skinny, i hav curves and im proud of that!
I used to be a lesbian. I dated, lived &was engaed to a woman that I was with for 8 months. I then realized, I liked boys more. It broke her heart. I'm happy with someone else and so is she.