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17 Groupies Confess What Their Lives Are Really Like
What exactly are groupies? These are fans of musicians, typically women, who try to become friends with bands. If they are lucky enough, they will end up keeping a band company on tour. If this description is too vague for you, read on to hear it from actually groupies who will set the record straight for you. These confessions may shock you.

Setting the record straight.

As a groupie, I can't stand it when people think that "super fans" and groupies are anywhere close to being the same thing. I don't worship them or hang their photos on my wall - we hang out and party.

Oh, the scandal.

I'm a groupie. I've been sleeping with musicians for 5 years now. Nobody knows. They just think I'm "good friends" with them. Meanwhile, I'm banging the crap out of them.

Time for some damage control.

I worry that I'm better known as a groupie than a music journalist.


I was on a bus today and a fan of the band I'm a groupie for punched me in the face. Some girls get really jealous of me.


I'm a groupie. You would be surprised to how many famous, married celebrities I have been with.

Do you, baby boo.

I'm a "groupie" and damn proud of it! Keep hating while I live my best life.