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Ever Have A One Night Stand Who Just Would Not Leave?
What do you do when a one night stand just won't leave? The unspoken rule when you have a spur of the moment hook up with a random person is to leave once the deed is done. However, these 17 one night stands didn't get the memo and, instead, decided to hang around a little longer than they should have. Read on as frustrated people open up about the hook ups who overstayed their welcome.

Nothing like small talk the morning after.

After sleeping with a guy, he stayed the night and wouldn't leave the next morning.  Turns out he didn't drive.

I had to drive my one night stand home. Fml.

Talk about awkward!

I left for work in the morning and came home to my one night stand watching TV and eating my cereal. I thought she would have left by now!

Subtleties are lost on some people.

My one night stand is still here, 4 days later. I don't have the heart to tell him to go, but I'm so over seeing the guy.

Just a little weird...

I once had a one night stand who wouldn't leave. He literally stayed at my house for three days. It was odd.

No kidding.

After a one night stand, the guy wouldn't leave and kept playing games on his phone. Awkward.

Sometimes it's for the best!

I met a man online , we met and he kinda never left. Today is my 10yr wedding anniversary. Here's to my  "one night stand that wouldn't leave "