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True Life: I Owe $4,000 In Taxes And I Have No Money
When it comes to tax season, there are those who are happy to see it come and there are others who could do without altogether. If you're in the category of people who receive money back as a return, doing your taxes is nothing short of exciting. However, what is it like for the group of people who owe money after doing their taxes? Follow along as these individuals open up about their experiences with owing money to the IRS.

Looking at your account like...

I owe approximately  $600 for taxes and I don't even have a comma in my bank account right now.

One thing after the next.

A week ago I was happy because I paid off my last loan, started savings and things were finally looking up. Finally got around to finishing up my taxes, and I owe $1700. WTF.

Seems to knock you down.

I'm feeling super depressed. I filed my taxes and I owe back as much as my next check from work is worth. I'll never get ahead. It feels like I'll be broke for life.

The struggle is real.

Just quit my job. Now I owe $4000 in taxes and I have no money.

Why not?

I'm taking a cruise to Belize, Cozumel and Roatan. I owe $3,000 in federal taxes. #priorites. 😂😐😆

Not cool.

Turned 18, filled out my taxes, and today I found out I won't get any refund because of the scholarships I won.
Now I owe the IRS.