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20 Drunk Times When Things Got Way Too Dangerous
There's no holding back for these folks.

i was so drunk last night i fell and slid down the stairs on my ass. haha. :)
I got so drunk once that when I fell over on the grass I was there so long a slug had time to crawl up my arm
I once got so drunk I fell asleep in a corn field in the middle of nowhere, I was woken up by a dog next morning
I fell off a roof last night because I was so drunk. I think I have a problem.
Once i was so drunk i fell asleep on a bar chair
Fell and lost my whole front tooth
Two summers ago I was at a party and got way to drunk. in the mean time the cops showed up and we all fled I was so drunk I fell and broke my ankle. But I got back up and kept running away.
I got so drunk once I jumped on a chair broke it and then shouted at it screaming "WHY CAN'T U JUST SUPPORT ME WHEN I NEED U" which all ended in tears
I was so drunk last night I broke my shower door with my inoperable strength when I "opened" it lmao😂
last night I was so drunk I ran into a glass door and broke my nose 😳
One time I got so drunk I peed in some girls sink then woke up with a black eye after I broke the girls TV .. I'm a girl
i got so drunk last night i broke my friends $1000 dollar bed. now i have to tell her parents.
My boyfriend once got so drunk that he broke a empty beer bottle and tried to kick someone's ass with it to "protect me" from him. The guy was just having a conversation with me! 😂
My friend got so drunk that she ran down the stairs on all fours, slipped, hit a wall, and broke her nose.
I got so drunk Saturday night that I woke up Sunday morning with a broken ankle, I really want to know how I broke it..
OK so I was drunk in Anaheim walking home with a skateboard on hand. decided to skate across the cross walk fell of the board twice on my back. while cars watched me. Don't drink & skate.
I got really drunk at a party and rode of the roof into the kiddy pool off of the roof on a skateboard taped to my feet.
I cycled home drunk and crashed my bike. I've told everyone the huge cut on my chin is from falling up the stairs.
I once fell off a counter when I was drunk and I broke my tailbone. I told my parents I fell off a bike...
My hookup and I once decided to have sex on the roof when we were both really drunk. I didn't realize the roof was wet and I slid to the edge and was only hanging on by the chimney. I was also completely naked. It was a great time
One of the first times I got drunk I threw a barbecue off the roof of a building and destroyed a utility service truck


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