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24 Adult Toy Store Employees Share What Their Jobs Are Really Like
What do adult store employees really think about their customers? What are some things you should know before going to an adult store? These 24 employees answer these questions and more with their honest confessions about the job. Find out what they go through as a sex shop employee.

You notice some interesting trends.

I work in a sex shop and I notice a lot of the older customers rent or buy black/interracial porn. More than the younger customers that come in. I find that fascinating


I used to work in an adult store and a blonde asked "how much for the silver dildo behind the counter?" That's the day I made $75 selling my thermos.


I work at a sex shop as a second job. My favorite phrase I picked up from there is "Another day another dildo"


I work in a sex shop. I've seen it all. Your fantasies are normal. You're not the only one.
As long as everyone is having fun and no one is really getting hurt.
Just relax and enjoy!


I used to work in a sex shop where we sold porn DVDs. 
And you would not BELIEVE how many of these movies we would sell and rent. Movie sales were the worst, had a guy buy 53 movies in one pop.

In case you're wondering...

I work in a sex shop and I will judge you on what brand of lube you buy.