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24 Adult Toy Store Employees Share What Their Jobs Are Really Like
You see some interesting things.

I work in a sex shop and I notice a lot of the older customers rent or buy black/interracial porn. More than the younger customers that come in. I find that fascinating
I work in a sex shop and I will judge you on what brand of lube you buy.
I work in a sex shop. I've seen it all. Your fantasies are normal. You're not the only one.
As long as everyone is having fun and no one is really getting hurt.
Just relax and enjoy!
I work in a sex store and im always surprised when I explain to people that there are different types of condoms... how do people not know this?
Yes I work at a sex store and no I don't try out the toys at work and no I don't want to know what you're doing with that later
I used to work in an adult store and a blonde asked "how much for the silver dildo behind the counter?" That's the day I made $75 selling my thermos.
Isn't it fan-fucking-tastic when people assume you're DTFA just because you work at an adult store?
I have had so many jobs and every single one had ended badly. I now work in an adult store and not only is it the best job ever, but this is the only one I see with no regrets attached
I work at an adult store but that doesn't mean I wanna hear about everyone's sex life! It just reminds me that mine sucks...
I work at a sex shop as a second job. My favorite phrase i picked up from there is 
"Another day another dildo"
I work at a sex shop. Love my job. I just helped a woman older than me who was in a huge rut. Never used toys or anything. I think she and her husband are in for a great night.
I used to work in a sex shop and I loved my job. I still get really excited to help people with their sex issues and to suggest products and toys for people. Everyone should have great sex! 💕
I'm a female and I work at a sex shop ironically I'm a virgin and have never watched porn to masturbate
My first real job was at an adult store. I had so much fun. The discount was amazing & helping a guy pick a toy for is girlfriend was hysterical!
I work at a sex store, I convince people everyday to spend hundreds of dollars on toys that I myself have never used..
I work at a sex store so I get free vibrators. I have no shame and they just lay around my house. After I wash the one I use I just set it down.
I work at a sex store. I steal stuff all the time because my manager cut my hours and I can't afford the stuff I want.
That awkward moment when you work at an adult store and you assume a man is gay for buying anal relaxing spray. I am so sorry. Won't be doing that again.
I work at a sex shop and it amazes me that people come in there embarrassed. Its like...dude come on? I don't care what you're here for, just be happy :)
I used to work in a sex shop where we sold porn DVDs. 
And you would not BELIEVE how many of these movies we would sell and rent. Movie sales were the worst, had a guy buy 53 movies in one pop.


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