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Couples Tell All: My Significant Other Humiliated Me On Social Media
As much as social media is a place for sharing, there's an unspoken rule for how much is too much information. However, some people either don't get the memo or simply don't care and end up sharing a little more than they should have. These 20 people admit that they were absolutely mortified when their significant other posted an unsavory post on a social network. Find out what went down in these shocking confessions.

Rejection hurts, but this makes it so much worse.

The guy I've been in love with for the past 9 years just called the night we reconnected "a mistake" on Facebook. I've never been so crushed and humiliated in my life.


I am so pissed off at my boyfriend right now. He publicly humiliated me on Facebook and I didn't even do anything wrong.

Can't believe that happened!

My 32 year old boyfriend broke up with me on a Facebook comment...

I've been publicly humiliated for the LAST time...

How do you explain that one?

Last night my ex posted our private conversation of him asking me if my new boyfriend knew we had sex. All over Twitter! I'm humiliated.

That's not cool.

My "boyfriend" publicly humiliated me on social media then told me that's what I get for posting something he didn't approve of.

Emotions are complicated.

My ex-boyfriend humiliated me on social media, yelled that our relationship was a waste of time in front of all my friends, & told me he doesn't want anything to do with me. So why do I still love him?