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Employees Tell All: My Boss Hates Me
You're never going to get along with everyone, and that definitely applies to the workplace, as well. While people are expected to maintain a level of professionalism, that doesn't always stop personal feelings from creeping in, as these confessions show. There's nothing worse than having a boss who doesn't like you, but sometimes that just can't be helped. Here's how these employees deal with it.

Way too obvious.

My boss hates me but can't fire me so tries to find everything I do wrong just to make me mad

There's nothing you can do about it.

I hate not having good hours at work and knowing my boss hates me. 😒

You don't make the best first impressions.

I left my last job because my coworkers hated me, now I want to leave my new job because my boss hates me. I think it's because I'm awkward and they get the wrong impression of me. 😔


My boss hates me. I could not stop smiling when a customer said how wonderful I was and talked to him for 10 mins about me being a great help to them.

Feels awful.

My boss hates me.
Don't want to go back to work.
She treats me like dirt.

You feel stuck.

I work at Dunkin Donuts and my boss hates me. She's constantly giving me attitude and finding faults in what I do even though my co-workers tell me I'm doing fine. I want to quit but I need the money.