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True Life: I Was Kicked Out For Being Gay
Coming out as a gay man is incredibly scary, unfortunately. This is because so many people aren't accepting of other people's differences. Some gay men are kicked out or even disowned by their own families for simply being who they are. These men have the unfortunate stories of being one of those cases. The following confessions reveal how it really feels to be kicked out by your own family for being gay. Let this be a reminder that our differences are what makes the world so colorful.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

My parents kicked me out when I was 14 because I'm gay. Despite being homeless, I graduated high school, went to college and have a great career

So bizarre.

My parents kicked me out because I'm gay BUT they moved me into an apartment and still pay for my food, education, rent, etc... I don't know what to think. They must still love me right?

So messed up.

My parents kicked me out of the house for being gay. It's been years and they haven't tried contacting me. Should I stop caring?

Everything for a reason.

My parents kicked me out for being gay. If they didn't, I wouldn't have met the man I have now

Amen to that.

Just got kicked out my house for being gay and doing drag. You're meant to love your child no matter what.


I'm gay, and just got kicked out of my house because my " lifestyle" is sinful.