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Women Confess: I Don't Want My Boyfriend To Propose
For some women, they are complaining about their boyfriends dragging their feet in regards to getting engaged. These women are the total opposite. They are scared that their boyfriends WILL propose. These confessions reveal why they're praying their men don't get down on one knee. Their reasons may surprise you.


I'm honestly jealous of my friends getting engaged. But I'm not ready to be engaged. I'd freak out if my boyfriend proposed, so I am confused by my own feelings...

Ask and you shall receive.

I don't want him to propose or buy me expensive jewelry. I just want him to wake me up and say "get ready, we're going to the courthouse."

Not a bad trade off!

I'm not ready to be engaged and be married...I just want to travel the world with my boyfriend. I think that's the best idea for now.

Makes sense.

I don't want him to propose because I am pregnant. I'll feel like he'd only be doing what's expected and not really mean it. I want him to mean it.

Very confusing.

I tell my man I don't want him to propose because I'm scared of the future.
But twice a day I think "now would be the perfect time." And imagine the moment so many ways

Timing is truly everything.

I've been with my man for 7 years and I don't want him to propose because we aren't ready and we're broke college kids. Everyone has their own timeline.